My most successful and enjoyable SMC performance so far

Tonight, my SMC Performance Partner and I gave another successful joint Suite Melody Care performance. We have collaborated together for the past couple of weeks to plan this performance. We exchanged emails discussing potential themes and pieces to play. We decided on using the same theme as my previous performance at a different retirement residence: "Music Medley". We alternated back and forth, each playing two pieces at a time. The range of music tonight was excellent, and fit our theme perfectly. We played some classical and modern pieces, as well as some theme music and songs by bands. It truly was a music medley! I also spoke with some of the audience members for a few minutes afte

Suite Melody Care with a WONDERFUL Special Guest (Video)

Suite Melody Care Founder & Director, Leslie Ashworth, performing with the wonderful pianist Herb Williams at a local retirement residence in Oakville, Ontario. As Herb shares with the audience, Leslie and Herb rehearsed these tunes-by-ear in a very short timeframe - having only just met. With an age gap of about 70 years between them, from the first few notes they played together, they just clicked. If you listen carefully in the last song, you might hear some of the lovely residents humming along!

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