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My most successful and enjoyable SMC performance so far

Tonight, my SMC Performance Partner and I gave another successful joint Suite Melody Care performance. We have collaborated together for the past couple of weeks to plan this performance. We exchanged emails discussing potential themes and pieces to play. We decided on using the same theme as my previous performance at a different retirement residence: "Music Medley". We alternated back and forth, each playing two pieces at a time. The range of music tonight was excellent, and fit our theme perfectly. We played some classical and modern pieces, as well as some theme music and songs by bands. It truly was a music medley! I also spoke with some of the audience members for a few minutes after the performance, and they said they really enjoyed listening to us play. I've developed a connection with one of the residents at this venue. She loves listening to piano pieces, and is also an incredible painter who creates beautiful portraits of people using pastel. She asked to take a picture of us after the performance, so that she could draw our portraits. I really enjoy speaking with the residents there. They are always very kind. I like hearing about their hobbies, passions, and their previous life experiences. I think its important to listen to the stories of senior citizens because they have gone through many challenges in their lives, and we can learn from them.

One of my strengths tonight was speaking clearly and slowly. I articulated all my words, and delivered some interesting facts about composers and pieces very smoothly. Even when speaking impromptu, I had almost no hesitation. One way that I could improve for next time could be running through all my pieces prior to my performance. Although I practice them extensively, I know I can play them even better if I take some time to warm up and refresh my memory on the day of a performance. Overall, I felt extremely relaxed during the entire performance. The atmosphere in the room was very warm, friendly, and easygoing. Although I occasional hit a couple of wrong notes, I didn't feel flustered or thrown off course because I wasn't nervous at all. It was incredibly easy to present my trivia facts and introduce my pieces. Because of this, I had so much fun performing tonight. I think that this was my most successful and enjoyable performance so far.

- Lisa Shen, SMC Pianist

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