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Connecting Seniors & Young Musicians in Eastern Canada with Suite Melody Care Newfoundland Chapter

On the heels of the inaugural Vancouver Chapter announcement, Suite Melody Care (SMC) announces the launch of our Newfoundland Chapter. This will be SMC’s first Chapter in Eastern Canada, and fifth Chapter in North America.

Suite Melody Care, in its eighth year, was established in 2012 and is now a national, not-for-profit. Pre-COVID, SMC was sharing over 100 themed, interactive, youth volunteer performances with hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retirement residences in Southern Ontario, Iowa, and Houston. Since April 2020, SMC continues to produce the SMC COVID Virtual Performance video series delivered on our YouTube Channel.

Canadian Violinist Danielle Greene will be the Chapter Lead for the Newfoundland Chapter. Danielle shares, “One will never regret being kind or putting a smile on someone's face. The aim of SMC is to bring joy by way of music to hospital patients and the elderly (those who cannot readily access performances). As trained classical musicians, we're so used to playing in highly intense and competitive environments, and we often forget the REAL reasons we make music.”

Danielle highlights key goals with the Newfoundland Chapter, “I look forward to sharing music with those who need it most. I specifically hope to bring music to the more rural parts of the province that don't have concert halls or access to much in the way of culture and the arts.”

Founder & Chair Leslie Ashworth expresses, “Danielle is such a passionate, positive, and caring individual. She is a valuable addition to the SMC team and I am thrilled to have her bring SMC to Newfoundland.”

For those musicians, dancers, and singers living in the Newfoundland area, you are encouraged to showcase your performances and give back to the community by contacting Danielle and applying online:

Newfoundland Chapter Lead, Danielle Greene

Native of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Danielle Greene received her Artist Diploma in Performance from The Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory. Additionally, she holds a BMus (honors) from the University of Toronto. Danielle has served as Concertmaster for numerous orchestras, including the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, the Royal Conservatory Orchestra, the Colorado College Symphony Orchestra, and the University of Toronto Orchestra.

Suite Melody Care

Suite Melody Care shares over 100 live, themed, interactive, youth performances annually, reaching thousands of audience members in retirement residences, hospitals, and long-term care facilities with Chapters in Southern Ontario, Iowa, Houston, and Vancouver. During COVID, SMC is producing SMC Virtual Performances being shared with hospital patients and the elderly throughout Canada and the U.S.


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