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Sharing music with new Mississauga audiences!

Today, I gave Suite Melody Care's first performance in Mississauga! I used a theme of "Contemporary Music" because it includes a lot of my favorite ( and nicest sounding) pieces. I enjoyed introducing the Suite Melody Care program to the residents and staff there. I gave a quick summary about how and why Leslie Ashworth started the program, and how it's grown to where it is today.

The inside of the retirement residence is very pretty, and the piano had a nice sound. It was, however, rather quiet, so I tried to play a bit louder than usual so that the audience could hear properly. It's been a while since I've performed by myself, but I didn't find it stressful at all. However, one way I could improve is by planning to play more songs next time so that the performance is a bit longer. Nevertheless, the audience seemed to really enjoy the music. Overall, the performance went very well, and I think we've started SMC performances at this new venue off on a good foot!

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