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A very rewarding experience

Today, I gave another SMC performance together with my SMC performance partner at a local long-term care facility. Our theme for this occasion was "classical music". I've spoken to a few of the residents there before, and they've mentioned that they enjoy listening to Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin. We thought this theme would be a good way to incorporate some pieces from their favourite composers.

I started off the performance by giving a little information about what the Suite Melody Care program is. We then introduced ourselves, and took turns playing pieces. I realized today that I've become a lot better at speaking in front of audiences when giving a piano performance. For instance, I've improved at speaking clearly and at a slower pace. This is something I've been trying to do each time because some of the residents have difficulty hearing at times.

Two of my fellow performer's pieces that I particularly enjoyed were "June" and a piece that, although it translates to "dead princess", is actually very beautiful. I would like to learn this piece in the future to add to my repertoire. I was also given a water bottle and certificate of appreciation from the staff. It reminded me how I've grown attached to playing at this long-term care facility, and how I've been doing so for several months! I'm glad that I've remained committed to the SMC program even though I have1 two important exams soon. Although it takes up time that I could otherwise use to study, its a nice change of pace and a very rewarding experience.

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