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A Composer's Christmas

I have just completed another successful Suite Melody Care performance and this time, I collaborated with another Suite Melody Care performer to plan the performance. I had originally been planning on playing a variety of classical songs by famous composers, since the audience had requested that I play more classical music last time. However, the program coordinator, Leslie Ashworth, recommended that we also included some Christmas specials. We decided on a creative theme of "A Composer's Christmas". In addition, we agreed to embrace the holiday spirit and wear Santa hats during the performance.

I became aware today that an area of growth for me could be giving a better introduction at the beginning of Suite Melody Care performances. Rather than just stating my name and my theme, I could give a brief summary of who I am, where I go to school, and how I learned the piano. This could help the audience feel more relaxed and engaged. I could also talk briefly about what the Suite Melody Care program is, and how it aims to engage youth by allowing them to give themed musical performances to audiences at retirement homes.

- Lisa Shen, SMC Pianist

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