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Andrew List


Andrew List composes music in many different genres, including orchestral works, string quartet, vocal, choral music, opera, music for children, solo works, and a variety of chamber ensembles. 

Selected recent and upcoming premieres and performances include: The Emerald Necklace commissioned by The Boston Symphony Orchestra, Fantasy Variations commissioned by Concordia String Trio in celebration of their 20th anniversary season, The Devil’s Last Challenge commissioned by Zodiac Trio as a companion piece to Stravinsky’s Histoire du soldat, The Signs of Our Time a musical satire on political corruption in our world premiered by loadbang From The Heart of Ra for viola and piano commissioned by violist Leslie Perna, Fantasy for Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet commissioned by Duo Hevans, Night Wanderings for Clarinet and Percussion Ensemble commissioned by clarinetist Kliment Krylovskiy and String Quartet no 6 “Song of The Angel “commissioned by Esterhazy Quartet in celebration of their 50th anniversary season.

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