Music's Impact


It is well known that music and medicine go hand in hand as music creates magical moments that can calm, soothe, and bring joy to those listening. Music can reach deeply inside people.  It brings people together from any age and background, activates emotions, stimulates memories, relieves symptoms, and overall gives hospital patients something to focus on other than their pain and anxieties.


Suite Melody Care encourages talented, young musicians to give back to their communities by sharing themed, interactive performances with audiences in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retirement residences.

Our Mission

“To inspire youth to give-back, to create positive change through music, and to bring joy to the elderly, those in difficult times, and hospital patients during their recovery.”


Suite Melody Care’s believes that music is the universal language and with so many talented youth around the world, Suite Melody Care strives to inspire these young individuals to assist in the recovery of patients through music.  By showcasing the musical talents of local youth in the community, we can raise the spirits of hospital patients and the elderly, put smiles on their faces, and bring them musical performances to enjoy.



You can participate with any instrument! 


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Last Updated on April 16, 2020.

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